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Restoring The FoundationsWashington, DC

Restoring The FoundationsWashington, DC

Restoring The Foundations is a 3 day event taking place in Washington D.C. at the Museum Of The Bible. Hear great artists like Triumphant, Karen Peck & New River, Inspirations, Hoppers, Brian Free & Assurance, Joseph Habedank, Whisnants, TrueSong, and Justin Cole and preaching by Dr. Robert Jeffress, Pastor C.T. Townsend, Pastor Tyler Gauldin, Dr. Ralph Sexton, Jr., Dr. Neal Jackson, and others.

Package Includes

3 Breakfasts

3 Dinners

3 Nights Lodging

All Taxes and Meal Gratuities

  • Admission to The Museum of The Bible
  • Concerts by Gospel Music Recording Artists:
    • Triumphant Quartet
    • Joseph Habedank
    • True Song
    • Justin Cole
    • The Hoppers
    • The Whisnants
    • Justin Cole Band
    • Brian Free & Assurance
    • Karen Peck & New River
    • The Inspirations
  • Also enjoy the ministry of:
    • Dr. Neal Jackson
    • Ray Flynn
    • Dr. Robert Jeffress
    • C.T. Townsend
    • Dr. Ralph Sexton JR.
    • Pastor Tyler Gaulden